Please reach out to 7 on your side news we are starting a case against them They're up so many people they're trying to get this company shut down for their shenanigans and fraud... As the days go by elephant auto still has not made any resolution. When you call...
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BEWARE OF THIS #$%@ INSURANCE COMPANY SCAMMER. My son got T-BONED by a insured driver and they have not covered their insurers 1obligations. He was injured and can not get a friggin claim number. no rental car WHAT!!!! WON'T GIVE A CLAIM NUMBER TO BE ABLE TO GET THE...
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I called about getting a discount if I did a Texas driving safety course and they said" sure".well my girlfriend had to get one so I went with her and did one.I call the insurance co.and asked what I needed to do and they told me that t'hey don't give discount for...
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vehicle was considered total loss as of last month. The claim agency (KAYLA) I only talk with her once which she email the cost to how much the insurance will pay & etc... she indicated call or email her if I have any questions! Well...that's not possible because when...
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I didn't like
  • Untimely customer service
After buying the Elephant Insurance Auto/Home Rental everything went smooth until I hit a car that blew a yellow light, Instead to clear the claim they blamed me and didn't even listen to the proof I had, they are not out for the policy holder. even though I sent car...
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I purchased this insurance back in 2014. Got great i thought...2 cars full coverage $97.00 month. Fiananced. Right, Now they require full coverage. So i agreed. Was paying that amount for about 5 months. Then increase to $125.00. Said ok...things go up. Then...
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Elephant Insurance Services - WAS lied to when I cancelled policy about owing anything.

I called to cancel my policy and wasvlied to twice. I asked if i owed anything left on policy abd wasvtold no twice. The this morning the withdrew money from my account, saying it what was left owing and refused to refund my money when i was blantley lied to.
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Ive been with this company for over a year. I was involved in a hit and run accident at 3 am Saturday morning. I called Elephant to report the accident and request roadside. My claim was never taken at that time. Roadside never picked up. Fast forward to 9 a.m Sat...
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How about we all come together and File a class action lawsuit.. I believe if we all come together and File a lawsuit we can make a dramatic change even if it means shutting this company down... is my email.. There are so many people fighting this...
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I was lied to numerous times. Then when I cancelled them they still withdrew my money. After them telling me I didn't owe anything. Fighting to Get my money back.


Im down.

Its already hard living with multiple sclerosis.. now dealing with this issuse with Elephant auto insurance. I was in a really bad accident October 25th 2017. On the day of the accident I reached out to elephant auto insurance Coming to find out my assurance was...
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As the days go by elephant auto still has not made any resolution. When you call elephant auto and it says phone lines are being recorded that recorded Information is sen...