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Elephant Insurance Services - BAD SERVICE-DON'T GIVE ANY BUSINESS TO THEM. 2 of 2 people found it helpful
I'm in a claim now with this insurance company there the worse I've ever seen I was told to take my car to the shop with the estimate and let the shop start ordering parts without any concerns of me having transportation I was told after the parts have been ordered they would schedule me a rental so I guess I should let the shop start taking my front end down to inspected the rest of the Damage's and I ask them to put it back together so I can...
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My car has been total for over 2 weeks now!The person who is working my claim has NEVER contact me besides sending over my settlement agreement via email! Whenever I call him I'm told he's on vacation! How are you on vacation when you are working on my claim?!! My bank is who I am financing from! They never called my bank to get the proper paperwork from them to send over the check to pay towards my car loan! The worst service ever, every time I...
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Horrible company!I was with them for 5 years and had full coverage from the time my vehicle was brand new. No accidents, tickets or claims in 5 years. A hail storm hit my car and they deemed my car a total loss and only paid me half of what my car was worth. They told me to send in sale prices for same make/model car with same year and comparable mileage but then deemed those not worthy. My car was worth approx $11000 but they only offered me...
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I didn't like
  • Irresponsible
  • Horrible customer service and poor quality working with claims
  • Clams and customer service and adjusters
Its my advice to everyone don't do any kind of business with cheap and pathetic company. once you have a time to claim they put you down.very very bad experience with this company.I WAS ON THE ROAD FOR HOUR AND HALF AND THEY WERE TELLING ME TO WAIT FURTHER.I DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO WITH CLAIM NOW.NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS INSURANCE COMPANY. 1-THE HOLD TIME IS AT LEAST 15MINS 2-AGENTS ARE RUDE AND THEY HANG UP ON YOU IF THEY FEEL...
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I didn't like
  • Bad customer service
  • Representatives
  • Horrible customer service
Elephant Insurance Services Auto Claim Review from Houston, Texas
Lets get together and all call their coporate office 804-955-1700 press 4 for their HR department and report each and ever claims adjuster and customer service rep that never helped us out in our time of need... I too share the same story in waiting a whole month to get my claim settled from 4/20/2016 and its still open. Now my tired rod has broken and still no help from them and my case is still open.. I left HR a message and I hope you do...
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Claim #2015-00068021 I received poor customer service from Kenneth Gumbs, claims adjuster for above mentioned claim. At first, he was helpful until it was time to give my verbal statement of what happened. He tried to bully me into making a false statement. In all, Elephant Insurance blamed me for the automobile accident. I didn't receive a ticket nor was taken to jail; however, the other driver made a false statement to the Houston Police...
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