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I will never use them again this is the second time.they lost my paper work.went through to a lot of change done with it.you call its hard to get through to them. Read more

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On May 27th, I had to file a claim due to my 2014 Equinox being struck by lightening while on my way to work during a bad storm. Once the dealership ran the diagnostic on my car and determined i wasn't full of *** about the lightening (seeing as how I was in the car while it happened) Elephant Ins. began the process to determine if the car was repairable or a total loss, it melted and fried all modules and wiring under the hood. They sent an... Read more

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I reported a claim and I have to call them EACH time for updates this is the worst insurance ever for customer sevice

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Dont get insurance with this company! Have a claim that they have not resolve! Their people never call you back with details, left message after message still NO CALLS BACK, DONT CARE IF you have a car in shop or to drive one... they dont want to PAY the claim, very unprofessional customer service had a very nice car until they got hold of it! Company SUCKS Ai

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the claims dept are rude and basically uninformed..id say beware and be ready to sue this company for poor claims and under cutting repair estimates and they really push to use their repair facilities they have blamed the repair facility for their adjusters poor performance they do not care about you they care about the bottom line and will not be compassionate if a injury happened. They have no idea of full disclosure on the process and they... Read more

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I called o get a quote on 6/28/2016. I spoke to some man and I was asking him a question, I heard him in the background speaking to someone asking them do you want to take this call. I think this was very rude and inconsiderate. That really hurt my feelings and it was and uncalled for. I am very disappointed in your service today. This is very poor customer service. I don't think not for sure if I will be using your service but I really did like... Read more

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I had damage to three of my vehicles. They came to do estimate. Nothing since. It has been over 2 months. When I called they said it would be settled soon. That was a month ago. No good customer service. They will take your money but you better hope you don't have a claim.

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it takes at least 30min to an hour to get someone on the phone and you can best believe its not the friendly voice from when they wanted your money at the beginning. So what if it didnt take 100 words to get my point across. I guess this is a tact to keep most people from posting negative reviews about the crummy customer service that is provided or lack there of. I guess you guys are so cheap because you save the money on hiring grumpy people.... Read more

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I was in an accident on 5/3/2016 involving an Elephant insured vehicle. The unlicensed 16 year old pulled out in front of us,there was an accident report filled and they were deemed at fault. It didn't help that her mother sent her to get food knowing full and well that she did not have it. I was injured, though I thought it was just stiffness due to the sudden jolt, I went to work on 5/5/2016 and had to leave after only 2.5 hours. I went to the... Read more

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